A simple PHP framework. An autoload script at its base, with tools for mvc-style loading etc.
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This is my personal framework, and will not be reliable enough for anything other than experimental use. Much of the code here may be used to produce a proper PHP framework in the future, either by myself or a fellow contributor such as whomever is reading this.

The Primary Intention

For control freaks with a deadline; Framework.php is a collection of classes which intends to provide any functionality you'd expect from a content managment system, while still having complete control over how your project is implemented.

This framework is quick to implement, while still providing the necessary security and organization a PHP framework should have. This framework doesn't shape your website or application; instead, you can make use of its classes to any extent you like.

Framework.php has a while to go before it contains all the features that will make it full-fledged microframework, so consider it as an open beta; drastic changes might occur at any time.

What's inside?

At its core, Framework.php is an autoloader script bundled with a ton of usefull classes. It also contains some error handling features, which will soon be revised. (more information will be written here soon) Framework.php uses PHP's spl_register_autoload function so that it is compatible with other autoloaders, such as the one generated by Composer.


Contained in this folder are classes intended for use by Framework.php libraries. A notable class is the Router class, which provides MVC-style loading of PHP controllers for web pages. Some of the really cool classes in here will be documented soon.


In this folder are some sample libraries that use Framework.php's capabilities. (kind of; admittedly they're rather out of date at the moment)

How to Contribute

You may use Framework.php's code in any of your project. Remember that sharing is caring; if you make a framework using this code and make it publicly available, other people will be able to extend upon what you've done, and you will be able to aggregate those developments into your own work.

Also, if you would like to create documentation, that would be a huge step forward! I am a student in an engineering program who does work for clients, so I do not have time to properly document this project.

What's next?

Right now this framework needs a bit of work before anybody can include this in their project and get going (mainly documentation). Here's the master TODO list that will determine this project's fate.

  • Go through EVERYTHING, add Framework::AssertType calls to methods, and document methods
    • [DOC,MODIFY] AnonymousClass.class.php
    • [DOC,MODIFY] BaseController.class.php
    • [DOC,MODIFY] Configurator.class.php
    • [DOC,MODIFY] Controller.class.php
    • [DOC,MODIFY] DBConnectionManager.class.php
    • [DOC,MODIFY] Router.class.php
    • [DOC,MODIFY] Template.class.php
    • [DOC] VarTools.class.php
  • Go through old files and determine if they're still needed
    • Templater.class.php (I don't even remember this one)
    • Registry.class.php (Don't think I used this for anything)
  • Program some cool library that uses Framework.php's newer features
  • Ability to be loaded with Composer

Ideas for the future

No promises on any of these features, but these are some ideas of what could be implemented in Framework.php

  • A repository of CDNs for including specific versions of Jquery, Bootstrap, etc very quickly.
  • Add support for classes inside namespaces (some of them don't work and I'm not sure why)