Microframework and tools for developing PHP applications
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DDev Framework

A microframework and tools for developing PHP applications.


Typical Install

For a typical installation, create a composer.json in a new project folder that looks like the following.

	"autoload": {
		"psr-4": {
	"repositories": [
			"type": "vcs",
			"url": "https://github.com/KernelDeimos/ddev-framework"
	"require": {
		"dubedev/ddev-framework": "*"

Proceed by running composer update. Tools will now be available under the DDev namespace.

The “autoload” key is provided as an example. It's assumed present by the documentation.

Example Use of Framework

Creating index.php

// Require composer autoloader

// Use router and debug messages
use \DDev\Dev\DebuggingErrorHandler;
use \DDev\RC\Framework\Router;

// Error handler (for development only)
$errors = new DebuggingErrorHandler();

// Instantiate and run the router
$app = new Router(array(
	'base_path' => '/some/sub/folder'

The 'base_path' parameter is optional. Use this parameter if the project is located in a subfolder of your webserver.

Creating a page controller

By default, controllers are expected to be under the \Controllers namespace. Create a file called IndexController.php written as such:

namespace Controllers;

class IndexController extends \DDev\Core\Controller {
	function main($request) {
		echo "Hello, world!";

The IndexController controller is already mapped to the route '/' by default. To create new controllers, you will need to add routes.

Adding a route

This is a quick example. This will be refined later.

The Aura.Router map can be accessed from the \DDev\RC\Framework\Router class.

$app = new Router(/* ... */);
// ...
$map = $app->get_map();
$map->get('blog.read', '/', 'BlogController');
// ...

More detailed documentation for the map object is available in the documentation for Aura.Router.

A Note About Namespaces

DDev Framework is organized into 4 main namespaces.

  • \DDev\Core contains the fundamental base classes.
  • \DDev\Dev contains development tools, such as debuggers.
  • \DDev\RC contains release candidate classes. These may change drastically at any time.
  • \DDev\Framework will contain complete implementations of framework components. Since this is currently in early development, these classes will be found under \DDev\RC\Framework.

Other namespaces, such as \DDev\HTML, contain convenient utilities. These may later be separated from this package if found necessary.