A layer of TypeScript decorators to be used with Angular 1.5+
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Angular Future

TypeScript decorators for Angular 1.5

What is Angular Future?

Angular Future is simply a layer of TypeScript decorators to be used with Angular 1.5 and up to make your Angular 1.x better and more like the future of JavaScript development. Borrowing design ideas from Angular 2, React, and various Angular 2 migration libraries, Angular Future is designed not to mimic Angular 2, but to make Angular 1 better for the TypeScript developer.

Why use Angular Future?

Angular Future will allow you to move faster. The decorators not only eliminate a lot of boilerplate required by traditional JavaScript Angular 1 development, but also eliminates a lot of hassle that comes with using TypeScript with Angular.

Why NOT use Angular Future?

Do not use Angular Future as a migration plan from Angular 1 to Angular 2. ngMetadata is a fantastic library for that, but that is not the goal of Angular Future (nor does it succeed in this goal by accident).

Quickstart Guide

Coming soon! Check out the "demo" folder for now to see how to use the decorators.


For examples of the decorators, check out the "demo" folder in this solution.