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Germinal is a minimalist vte-based terminal emulator.

Screenshot available here:

You will need tmux for Germinal to work out of the box. You need to add new-session in your ~/.tmux.conf so that tmux attach creates a new one if none exist.

To configure it, open dconf-editor and go into /org/gnome/Germinal. By default, germinal launches tmux, but you can specify a custom command by adding extra args to the commandline (no need for quoting, example: germinal /bin/bash -l will execute /bin/bash -l instead of tmux). By default, germinal uses dconf to store its configuration, but it will use ~/.config/germinal/settings instead if it exists. Configuration is in standard keyfile ini format, in a [Germinal] section.

List of available keyboard actions:

- `<Ctrl><+>`          -> Zoom
- `<Ctrl><->`          -> De-Zoom
- `<Ctrl><0>`          -> Reset Zoom
- `<Ctrl><Shift><C>`   -> Copy
- `<Ctrl><Shift><V>`   -> Paste
- `<Ctrl><Shift><Q>`   -> Quit
- `<Ctrl><Shift><O>`   -> Split window (like terminator)
- `<Ctrl><Shift><E>`   -> Split window (like terminator)
- `<Ctrl><Tab>`        -> Next tab
- `<Ctrl><Shift><Tab>` -> Previous tab
- `<Ctrl><Shift><T>`   -> New tab
- `<Ctrl><Shift><N>`   -> Next pane
- `<Ctrl><Shift><P>`   -> Previous pane
- `<Ctrl><Shift><W>`   -> Close current pane
- `<Ctrl><Shift><X>`   -> Resize current pane

To build it, go into the Germinal directory

./configure --sysconfdir=/etc
sudo make install
sudo glib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/

You can see more information here.

Latest release is Germinal 26.

Direct link to download: