Migration tool for Jabber/XMPP servers.
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paulproteus and Kev Instead of using XMPP to extract account info, use jabberd14 data dir
This commit provides a complete and simple importer for jabberd14 data directories.
Latest commit 8a3c1c0 Aug 22, 2010


SleekMigrate requires SleekXMPP. 

In the same folder as SleekMigrate, run 
	git submodule update --init SleekXMPP
and then either install it (cd SleekXMPP && python setup.py install) or (easier) 
	ln -s SleekXMPP/sleekxmpp sleekxmpp

Note that SleekXMPP itself has some dependencies, depending on your server config, and they should be discoverable from the SleekXMPP home (http://github.com/fritzy/SleekXMPP).