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FubuMVC Swagger

This project helps your FubuMVC web application generate API documentation via Swagger.

swagger demo

See our Hello Swagger live demo.

How do I get it?

We have a nuget package available.

PM> Install-Package FubuMVC.Swagger

Building Swagger

To build just run rake grabbing the albacore gem if you don't already have it.

gem install albacore

How do I put this in my peanut butter?

Note: This should all be simplified when I find the time to figure out Fubu Bottles.

Your API documented should support content negitiation and be grouped under the route /api. Take a look at the HelloSwagger for examples.


Add a reference to this project. Why not use nuget!

Add the following to your FubuRegistry:

Services(s=> s.AddService<IActionGrouper, APIRouteGrouper>());

Copy the swagger-ui directory into your /content direcotry.

Launch your web app and take a look at the /api to see if it is working.

What does this convention do?

Three routes will be added to your application:

GET /api

This route serves up the Swagger-UI page currently embedded into FubuSwagger. This part needs work.

GET /api/resources.json

Swagger UI does some resource discovery and uses the output of this route to find all of the API groups in your project.

GET /api/{GroupKey}.json

Details of each API group present in your app.

Pointing a Swagger UI web site at http://localhost:port/api/ should render pretty API documentation for your web application.

Why do I not see documentation for my actions?

Make sure the actions you wish to document are enabled for "Conneg"

In this example I have two marker interfaces which are used to mark input models on actions which will be APIs.

 .Where(x => x.InputType().CanBeCastTo<IApi>() || x.InputType().CanBeCastTo<IUnauthenticatedApi>())
 .Each(x => x.MakeAsymmetricJson());

This example will force the result of these actions to be JSON. Note: This configuration is working around a bug in FubuMVC where normal browser usage will return XML for Conneg enabled endpoints. :(

Better yet take a look at the HelloSwagger demo application and see how it is wired up and organized.

How do I add more detail to my APIs

You can use data annotations to mark up your input models and their properties.

[Description("Workflow object history")]
public class HistoryRequest : IApi 
    [Required, Description("Type of workflow object. Typically this is 'case'.")]
    [AllowableValues("case", "subcase", "solution", "<any workflow object name>")]
    public string Type { get; set; }
    [Required, Description("Id of the workflow object.")]
    public string Id { get; set; }

    [Description("Limit the amout of history returned the given number of days. When this parameter is not specified. All history items will be returned.")]
	public int DaysOfHistory { get; set; }


FubuMVC convention for creating API documentation for your content negotiation enabled actions







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