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Android app to scan ingredients for allergens.
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An Android app that reads ingredients labels and alerts the user of any ingredients that may conflict with their dietary restrictions/allergies.

Key Features

  • allows the user to set their allergies/dietary restrictions
    • allergies:
      • egg
      • gluten
      • milk
      • nut
      • seafood
      • soy
      • wheat
    • diets:
      • vegetarian
      • vegan


The idea for an ingredients reader came about when I thought about how often I read ingredients labels as a vegan and the amount of times I misread the label, only to find out after I had already bought the product.

After discovering that there did not seem to be any good apps on iOS/Android/GitHub that did this exact thing, I believed it would be an excellent app idea to try out at the Platterz Hackathon, where the theme was food-related.

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