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Tater is a PowerShell implementation of the Hot Potato Windows Privilege Escalation exploit.


All credit goes to @breenmachine, @foxglovesec, Google Project Zero, and anyone else that helped work out the details for this exploit.

Included In



  • The main Tater function.
  • IP - Specify a specific local IP address. An IP address will be selected automatically if this parameter is not used.
  • SpooferIP - Specify an IP address for NBNS spoofing. This is needed when using two hosts to get around an in-use port 80 on the privesc target.
  • Command - Command to execute as SYSTEM on the localhost. Use PowerShell character escapes where necessary.
  • NBNS - Default = Enabled: (Y/N) Enable/Disable NBNS bruteforce spoofing.
  • NBNSLimit - Default = Enabled: (Y/N) Enable/Disable NBNS bruteforce spoofer limiting to stop NBNS spoofing while hostname is resolving correctly.
  • ExhaustUDP - Default = Disabled: (Y/N) Enable/Disable UDP port exhaustion to force all DNS lookups to fail in order to fallback to NBNS resolution.
  • HTTPPort - Default = 80: Specify a TCP port for the HTTP listener and redirect response.
  • Hostname - Default = WPAD: Hostname to spoof. WPAD.DOMAIN.TLD may be required by Windows Server 2008.
  • WPADDirectHosts - Comma separated list of hosts to list as direct in the wpad.dat file. Note that localhost is always listed as direct.
  • WPADPort - Default = 80: Specify a proxy server port to be included in the wpad.dat file.
  • Trigger - Default = 1: Trigger type to use in order to trigger HTTP to SMB relay. 0 = None, 1 = Windows Defender Signature Update, 2 = Windows 10 Webclient/Scheduled Task
  • TaskDelete - Default = Enabled: (Y/N) Enable/Disable scheduled task deletion for trigger 2. If enabled, a random string will be added to the taskname to avoid failures after multiple trigger 2 runs.
  • Taskname - Default = Tater: Scheduled task name to use with trigger 2. If you observe that Tater does not work after multiple trigger 2 runs, try changing the taskname.
  • RunTime - Default = Unlimited: (Integer) Set the run time duration in minutes.
  • ConsoleOutput - Default = Disabled: (Y/N) Enable/Disable real time console output. If using this option through a shell, test to ensure that it doesn't hang the shell.
  • StatusOutput - Default = Enabled: (Y/N) Enable/Disable startup messages.
  • ShowHelp - Default = Enabled: (Y/N) Enable/Disable the help messages at startup.
  • Tool - Default = 0: (0,1,2) Enable/Disable features for better operation through external tools such as Metasploit's Interactive Powershell Sessions and Empire. 0 = None, 1 = Metasploit, 2 = Empire


  • Function to manually stop Invoke-Tater.


  • To import with Import-Module:
    Import-Module ./Tater.ps1

  • To import using dot source method:
    . ./Tater.ps1


  • Basic trigger 1 example
    Invoke-Tater -Trigger 1 -Command "net user tater Winter2016 /add && net localgroup administrators tater /add"

  • Basic trigger 2 example
    Invoke-Tater -Trigger 2 -Command "net user tater Winter2016 /add && net localgroup administrators tater /add"

  • Two system setup to get around port 80 being in-use on the privesc target
    WPAD System - - this system will just serve up a wpad.dat file that will direct HTTP traffic on the privesc target to the non-80 HTTP port
    Invoke-Tater -Trigger 0 -NBNS N -WPADPort 8080 -Command "null"

    Privesc Target -
    Invoke-Tater -Command "net user Tater Winter2016 /add && net localgroup administrators Tater /add" -HTTPPort 8080 -SpooferIP


Windows 7 using trigger 1 (NBNS WPAD Bruteforce + Windows Defender Signature Updates) tater2

Windows 10 using trigger 2 (WebClient Service + Scheduled Task) tater3

Windows 7 using trigger 1 and UDP port exhaustion tater4


Tater is a PowerShell implementation of the Hot Potato Windows Privilege Escalation exploit from @breenmachine and @foxglovesec







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