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96Boards camera support from Deltavison :
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This is the AISTARVISION MIPI Adapter,V2.0! It's updated from V1.0,with the goal of two CSI2 port support.Still,it's only for 96boards CE Edition.Our goal is to make 96Boards support variety of image sensors,include SOC sensor and raw bayer sensor.

P.S. AISTARVISION has joined DeltaVision team which has the same passion and mission to bring camera everywhere,making your project smarter than ever before.Take a look at our site for more interesting cameras:

Sensor sample drivers available in Debian 16.09 for Dragonboard410C:Dragonboard410C Camera

Image sensor support list(Default on Debian):




4)MT9V024 with Toshiba MIPI Bridge:752*480@60fps



7)OV13850 supported by Android

8)OV8865 supported by Android

9)Raspberry PI camera V1.3(OV5647),supported by Android

10)Raspberry PI camera V1.3(IMX219),supported by Android

11)MT9M034 with Toshiba MIPI Bridge:RAW12

12)MT9M031 with Toshiba MIPI Bridge:RAW12

13)AR0130 with Toshiba MIPI Bridge:RAW12

14)AR0134 with Toshiba MIPI Bridge:RAW12

15)AR0144 :RAW12


Check our ebay store for available items: Deltavision Store on Ebay

You can find pre-built sensor drivers for all avaiable cameras:Pre-built

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