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V1.1.11 (Dec 12 2019)

  • Added a New Feature: Users can now trigger a freighter battle on the next warp after save reload. Button on the Manual Travel Tab.
  • Changed listbox1 on the bases and space stations tab to only show bases.
  • Right click to Open location file from coordinates share tab
  • Added a line in the location summary on the coordiantes share tab to show notes added at end of line.
  • Added "reload save in game" to popups for clarity

V1.1.10 (Dec 8 2019)

  • Fixed Game mode not found due to synthesis update
  • Galaxy type and name are now shown next to combobox on manual travel tab.
  • Fixed a rare issue when NMS isn't installed in normal dir

V1.1.9 (Oct 13 2019)

  • NMSCoordinates now validates manually entered, shared, or calculator galactic coordinates.

V1.1.8 (Sept 30 2019)

  • Set Launch NMS button for GoG version to Program Files(x86) path. For GoG: Looks for GoG screenshots in PicturesNo Mans Sky and the DocumentsGoG Galaxy directory For Export Single Record: Can now add notes at the end of the line when notepad is opened. Example: DateTime: 09-29-2019 17:11 ## File: save3.hg ## G: 0 - PC: 018704FF4FFE -- GC: 07FD:0083:07F3:0187 -- notes here

V1.1.7 (Sept 27 2019)

  • Fixed a problem in savemanager on < button not backing up to savemanager zip

V1.1.6 (Sept 25 2019)

  • Please get the newest version 1.1.6 - Fixed a path problem that occurred on startup where path to saves was lost and had to be set every startup.
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