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A mobile app to randomly select a restaurant for "date night". My wife and I have a steady "date night" (Fri night), and we are always indecisive on which of our favorite restaurants to frequent :-)

eatery-nod is my first react-native mobile app, using Expo.


Eatery Pool

The main screen of eatery-nod is the Eatery Pool (please refer to the eateries feature).

This visualizes your persistent pool of restaurants to select from (the list can optionally be filtered).

You can select a restaurant directly, or "spin" for a random selection.

The "detailed" view provides direct communication to the establishment (phone them, visit their web site, or navigate to their address).

Screen Flow


Your pool of eateries is maintained through Discovery (please refer to the discovery feature).

You don't have to maintain the details of your pool by hand. Rather, you simply search the restaurants using the disovery feature. This is the same source that is used when you issue a Google Search (based on Google Places).

Within the discovery view, you simply toggle the check next to the entry. Red entries are in your pool, Grey entries are not.

Screen Flow


Authorization is provided through the auth feature, requiring a validated email/password before promoting any application screens.

Screen Flow