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Automatic Tailwind CSS CDN Builds For Rapid Prototyping

A simple, automated tool for creating custom Tailwind CSS builds for CDN access. Use this for development when you don't want to deal with setting up a builder right away.

GitHub tag (latest by date)

How it works

  1. Press "Use this template"
  2. On the "Actions" tab, enable actions for your repo
  3. Create a personal access token named PA_TOKEN and add it as a secret to your new repository.
  4. Commit to master a Tailwind CSS config file placed inside the configs/ directory.
  5. That's it! The CSS file is processed and built with GitHub Actions automatically.

How to use

The system will auto release on any push to master. After a few minutes, you should be able to use your script in the following way:

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<!-- Always keep your build current against the most recent Tailwind CSS version -->
<script src="{#USERNAME#}/tailwind-custom-cdn/builds/example.min.css"></script>

<!-- Tie to the current version (use the tag that was created during the build) -->
<script src="{#USERNAME#}/tailwind-custom-cdn@{#TAG#}/builds/example.min.css"></script>
<!-- Replace {#USERNAME#} and {#TAG#} accordingly For example, -->
<script src=""></script>

See it in use:


Question: What else should I know?

Answer: Editing a config file is also OK. You can also namespace your configs into separate directories. Delete the examples, or any config too if you'd like. If you only commit a single file, the repo will compile that one config. If you commit multiple files anywhere, then the entire config folder will be rebuilt.

Question: Can I use this in production?

Answer: I wouldn't. For production you will want to use a build tool so that you can purge your unused CSS.

Question: A config file didn't build or something went wrong. What do I do?

Answer: You should just make some trivial changes and commit again. That will rebuild all the configs. I would just bump the version number in the package.json file, for example.

Question: What permissions do I need for the access token?

Answer: I'm not entirely sure, but I used admin:repo_hook, repo, workflow

Question: Do I commit to your repo?

Answer: Only if you spot a bug or have an improvement. Otherwise you should generate from the template (or fork it) and use it on your own account.

Question: What about plugins?

Answer: Plugins aren't supported now, and I haven't looked into it. If there is some demand for plugins then I'll look into adding plugin support (show your support by giving the repo a star).

Question: Can others use my config file?

Answer: The repo needs to be public, so yes. If you're using this you should be aware of that and not include anything private in your config file.

Question: Is the cache working?

Answer: Sometimes jsDelivr will keep the cache longer depending on when the previous tag was made. So usually you just need to wait a short while longer.


Tailwind CSS builds for CDN access (Template Repository)







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