A quick and dirty Rails app to get analytics from your Trello boards
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Trellolol is a quick-and-dirty Rails app to learn more about your Trello boards:


So far, it gives you for each board the average time cards spend in each list and a cumulative flow diagram.


  1. Git clone, bundle install and rake db:migrate this app

  2. Go to trello.com/1/appKey/generate to generate your API key and click on the “Click here” link in the “Reading Private Data” section to request a token.

  3. Add your Trello your key and your token on localhost:3000/authorizations

  4. Run rake import to IMPORT ALL THE DATAS!!1

  5. Run rake compute_list_average_time to compute the average time cards spend in each list

  6. Run rake track_wip to import data in order to generate the cumulative flow diagrams

  7. Run rails s

  8. Go to localhost:3000/ and you'll see what you were looking for.

A capistrano recipe makes it easy to deploy on a server and automatically adds cron jobs to import data daily.


Get the API key and token via OAuth. Colors. Tag cloud. Web 2.0. MySpace integration. TPS reports.