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Binary Bzet


CS130 Binary Bzet

Luis Aguiniga 
Arash Sepasi Ahoei 
Kevin Calderone 
Mary Chau 
Michael Koyama 


Mary Chau (12/2/2011)
+updated the list constructor
+added RANGE(a,b)

Mary Chau (11/26/2011)
+finished python modules

Mary Chau (11/21/2011)
+Added all miscelaneous Bzet property functions to the Python Module
+fixed the python string issue: python printing methods work now

Luis Aguiniga (11/15/2011)
+ fixed in bzetwalk

Mary Chau (11/20/2011)
+Updated Instruction
+Add a proptype python 2 module (Non-SWIG)

Mary Chau (11/12/2011)
+Updated Instruction
+Add python3 wrapper, module, and .exe

Kevin Calderone (11/11/2011)
+ Added slice()
+ Got the initial version of the python module running

Michael Koyama(11/11/2011)
+Fixed some bugs with binary operations
+Implemented clean size and compare

Kevin Calderone (11/5/2011)
+ generalized getLastBit() to implement similar operations
+ added getFirstBit(), countBits(), and bitList()

Kevin Calderone (11/1/2011)
added getLastBit()

Lus Aguiniga (11/01/2011)
* changed set/unset: they now collapse
+ added flip function

Michael Koyama(11/1/2011)
binaryOP and related functions work

Mary Chau (10/28/2011 12:28PM)
Completed the Following:
-Pretty Print

Kevin Calderone (10/28/11)
- Shifting now works
Luis Aguiniga (10/18/11)
- Test commit
Kevin Calderone (10/15/11)
- Created the starting template for the project