Marketplace Game that utilizes ES6, AngularJS, and OOP
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Marketplace App

Image of Markteplace App

Setup Instructions:

  • run npm install to install dependencies
  • npm start to spin up server
  • access app on localhost:4000

Project Overview

The original project was a group assignment during my 7th week of in-class work at Prime Digital Academy. This is my personal attempt at the project.


The project involves creating a Marketplace Game. The game has multiple market items that randomly go up or down in price after a 15 second interval. The player clicks on each item when they want to "buy" them. When an item is purchased, it appears in the player's inventory. The player can then sell the product after it is in their inventory

Technologies Used

  • Angular
  • ES6
  • Bootstrap
  • Grunt


  • Write a full-stack version of the app using Angular, ES6 and Bootstrap
  • Explore OOP programming principles
  • Apply all of the concepts learned in Tier 2 of Primes

application instructions


Version 1.0


  • Kevin Dahlberg


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details


  • Prime Digital Academy
  • Fellow cohort-mates in Chi
  • Scott Bromander and Chris Black