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Truncat 🐈...

Example of Truncat in Sketch


Truncate Head Option

Truncate Belly

Truncate Tail

Keyboard shortcuts

Action Shortcut
Truncate Head control + ,
Truncate Belly control + .
Truncate Tail control + /
✨ Clean Cat (Reset) control + delete

Works with Libraries

Using Truncat with Overrides

OMG @kevgski's Truncat🐈 Plugin for @sketch can be applied to Layer Text Styles and shared with Libraries. No plugin needed for the rest of your team!!

Anthony Collurafici @CheckYourVector,

Because I’m using MacOS's native paragraph style properties to control truncation you don't need this plugin installed to render the truncation. You just need one of your team members to set things up with your Symbols & Text Styles and everyone gets the benifit!


  • Download the latest release of the plugin
  • Un-zip
  • Double-click on truncat.sketchplugin

Development Guide

This plugin was created using skpm. For a detailed explanation on how things work, checkout the skpm Readme.