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Patch release for uSync 8.0 on Umbraco 8.0.x

minor fixes nothing too major (i hope)

  • #26 - Capturing the renaming of folders in doctypes, datatypes etc
  • #25 - Media / Content defaulting to list view when it shouldn't
  • #27 - Datatype Serializer not finding name, (should be alias) thanks @JCrepin
  • #23 - Fix casing on controller models so they work even if the default has been changed
  • use relative paths, so dashboard works when umbraco installed in a sub folder
  • only start when umbraco in run mode (so not during upgrades)
  • don't run on replica servers (load balancing)
  • #29 - make the uSync Menu item selected in the UI
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@KevinJump KevinJump released this May 9, 2019 · 14 commits to master since this release

This is the v8.0.0 release of uSync, 🎈 🎉 it has travelled the wilds of the Umbraco alpha builds, survived the great namespace changes, fought with the wolves of the variant cultures and overcome the wile rapids dependency injection gorge to emerged onto the placid lake of release.

install-package uSync 

the v8 release will sync everything you expect.

  • Datatypes
  • Document Types
  • Media Types
  • Member Types
  • Macros,
  • Languages,
  • Templates

Content Edition also release today will sync:

  • Content
  • Media
  • Dictionary Items
  • Domains (culture and hostname settings)

underneath everything has changed, but the processes remain the broadly same, but some key highlights are 👍

  • Sync is off by default

    • lots of people get caught out by that first sync, so now by default it's not there)
  • Actions are captured inline

    • when delete or rename happens the config file isn't removed - its replaced with one that tells uSync to delete (or ignore) what here before. this makes deployment easier (because you don't end up with rouge files from old things) and actions are more inline.
  • Tracker improvements

    • We are still working on making the difference tracker better, but it's much better than the v4 one already, it now pops out (in a fancy infinite editor) and should be a lot more meaning full than before.
  • potential powertm built-in

    • the API is cleaner, and we've built uSync ready to accept the host of add-ons that we have, from member syncing to better snapshots, all the potential is there, and we are going to use it

As always feedback welcome 😄

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@KevinJump KevinJump released this May 3, 2019 · 21 commits to master since this release

Release Candidate for uSync for Umbraco 8

Should sync successfully all doctypes, datatypes, mediaTypes, templates, languages, memberTypes, macros - with content edition will also do media, content, dictionary items and domain names (culture and hostnames).

All syncing works, there are some minor issues in how changes are reported for content properties, but this doesn't affect the operation of the sync process.

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@KevinJump KevinJump released this May 1, 2019 · 36 commits to master since this release

Changing how and where the item saves are made, was always going to cause me to miss something.

because we added the ability to batch save items, we missed a few areas on second passes where saves should have but now didn't happen.

#20 Compositions not imported
#21 Media serialization fails because of unknown type.

#22 uSync dashboard isn't a dashboard anymore its part of the settings tree.
#22 we've added the ability to add expansions to usync - this is how snapshots, etc will be incorporated into the main usync package.

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@KevinJump KevinJump released this Apr 29, 2019 · 38 commits to master since this release

Fixes some issues - and refactors some things for performance.

install-package uSync -version 8.0.0-beta5


  • #15 issues with Content duplicates, and hierarchy
  • #13 templates missing their master
  • #16 Fix for recomputing sort order on save H5YR @JoseMarcenaro


  • #17 Adds save flags so we can change where the save to umbraco happens, for performance
    • includes <BatchSave> setting partly for #18 partly for speed.

Known Issues

  • #18 A full import can hang with a serialization error from within Umbraco, we are trying to track this down.
  • #19 Sometimes there are blank changes reported
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@KevinJump KevinJump released this Mar 30, 2019 · 46 commits to master since this release

Beta release for Umbraco 8.

Fixes in this release:

  • Fail when creating datatypes for custom properties
  • Blueprints (ContentTemplates) didn't restore properly
  • Content Edition error when some content properties are not set on save/publish
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@KevinJump KevinJump released this Feb 25, 2019 · 55 commits to master since this release

Beta one release for Umbraco v8.0.0

This is the beta release to coincide with the launch of Umbraco 8.


get via nuget:

install-package uSync -pre

and you can get content edition too

install-package uSync.ContentEdition -pre

Most things work - and syncing between sites is fairly consistent - we have a few known issues.

Tracker - the tracker is used to tell users what the changes are when they run a report

  • Tracker - reports PreValue changes, that aren't
  • Tracker - reports parent change when there is no parent.


  • Handler info - not all handler info is loaded into the settings screen
  • Handler Specific Actions - Import / Export / All are not fully implemented.
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@KevinJump KevinJump released this Feb 21, 2019 · 68 commits to master since this release

To avoid confusion (on my behalf) - the alpha versions will now match the Umbraco alpha number which the solution is running when the packages are made.

  • fixes a null issue when creating new datatypes. Fixes issue #5
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@KevinJump KevinJump released this Feb 4, 2019 · 72 commits to master since this release

Alpha 61 release - updates and changes because some of the internal service names changed between Umbraco nightly builds.

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Feb 2, 2019
Add Props and Targets (distrib folders) to back office , so they get …
…copeid on a deployment
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