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Welcome to the Klipper documentation. There are two parts to Klipper - code that runs on a micro-controller and code that runs on a "host" machine. The host code is intended to run on a low-cost general-purpose machine such as a Raspberry Pi, while the micro-controller code is intended to run on commodity micro-controller chips. Read features for reasons to use Klipper. See installation to get started with Klipper. See config checks for a guide to verify basic pin settings in the config file.

The Klipper configuration is stored in a simple text file on the host machine. The config/example.cfg file serves as a reference for the config file. See the Slicers document for information on configuring a slicer with Klipper. See the Endstop Phase document for information on Klipper's "stepper phase adjusted endstop" system. See the Bed Level document for information on bed leveling with Klipper. See the Probe Calibrate document for information on calibrating automatic Z probes. See the Delta Calibrate document for information on calibrating delta printers. The Pressure Advance document contains information on tuning the pressure advance config.

The kinematics document provides some technical details on how Klipper implements motion. The FAQ answers some common questions. The G-Codes document lists currently supported run-time commands.

The history of Klipper releases is available at releases. The config changes document describes recent software changes that may require users to update their printer config file. See contact for information on bug reporting and general communication with the developers.

Developer Documentation

There are also several documents available for developers interested in understanding how Klipper works. Start with the code overview document - it provides information on the structure and layout of the Klipper code. See the contributing document to submit improvements to Klipper.

See protocol for information on the low-level messaging protocol between host and micro-controller. See also MCU commands for a description of low-level commands implemented in the micro-controller software.

See debugging for information on how to test and debug Klipper. See stm32f1 for information on the STM32F1 micro-controller port. See bootloaders for developer information on micro-controller flashing.