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Chrome Tab Rotate

Allows Chrome to automatically cycle through a set of tabs. Ideal for a Dashboard or wall-mounted display.

  • Preloads tabs for smoother transitions
  • Configured via a JSON file
  • Configuration can be loaded from a remote server

Tab Rotate on the Chrome Web Store


settingsReloadIntervalMinutes - integer

Interval at which the settings file is reloaded.

fullscreen - boolean

Open Chrome in fullscreen mode

autoStart - boolean

Begin rotating tabs automatically as soon as Chrome is opened

lazyLoadTabs - boolean

Load the first two tabs on startup then load subsequent tabs "just in time"

websites - list

url - string

duration - integer

Number of seconds the tab will be displayed

tabReloadIntervalSeconds - integer

Interval in seconds at which the tab will be reloaded Set to 0 for no reload

// Automatically reload the settings file from the url provided "enableAutoReload": false

  "settingsReloadIntervalMinutes": 60,
  "fullscreen": true,
  "autoStart": false,
  "lazyLoadTabs": false,
  "websites": [
      "url": "",
      "duration": 10,
      "tabReloadIntervalSeconds": 120
      "url": "",
      "duration": 10,
      "tabReloadIntervalSeconds": 180
      "url": "",
      "duration": 10,
      "tabReloadIntervalSeconds": 240


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