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A Sketch plugin to easily edit your nudge distance settings.


Important - Make sure you have the latest version of Sketch App installed. (Sketch 59+ Required).
For lower versions of Sketch App use Nudged 2.0.2.

  1. Download and open
  2. Double click on sketch-nudged.sketchplugin to install.

Easy Install

If you use Sketch Runner - Just search for "Nudged" and install from there.

Buying a Licence Key

Nudged is currently 'free' for everyone... But if you use Nudged professionally in your daily workflow it's alway great karma to give a little back.

So optionally you can support Nudged's development by buying a User Licence from my Gumroad Store. Priced at an affordable £2 per 'Single User Licence' (Less than a cup of Mermaid branded coffee).

You can also "Pay what you want" for a licence, if you would like to show some extra love to the project.

Follow @SketchNudged for the latest News, Offers and Discount codes.

Single User Licence - One person use only, can use on multiple machines. Great for Freelancers, Designers and Students.

Bulk Commercial Licence - contact me for more info including your studio's requirements.


Bring up the Nudged Settings Window either from the Plugin menu or via keyboard shortcut. Edit both/either fields with your custom nudge distance settings and click the Apply Button to save.

These are global settings, so adjust on the fly for each Sketch project's use case.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can quickly access the Nudged Settings Window by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + n.

Use standard Sketch App keys to Nudge objects around:

Small Nudge : Arrow Keys
Big Nudge : Shift + Arrow Keys
Custom Nudge : Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Keys

Reset to Sketch's nudge defaults : Ctrl + Alt + 0


Version Notes
v2.1 Added support for Sketch 66+.
v2.0.2 Fixed issue that stopped Nudged from getting updates notifications.
Added/Updated Logo.
v2.0.1 Fixed UI bug #9 where arrows went missing on inputs.
v2.0 Changed Plugin Shortcut to Ctrl + Alt + n.
Added Custom Nudge input.
Added smarter UI with a number of usability enhancements.
Added 'Reset' button to settings window.
Added Quick Reset Shortcut Ctrl + Alt + 0.
Added integration with Sketch App's Update System.
v1.0.1 Added integration with Sketch Runner.
v1.0 First Release.

Full List of changes can be found on the Nudge Website


Install Nudged with Sketchpacks for macOS


Submission of new ideas, improvements and new feature requests are always welcome. I'm currently NOT accepting PRs, so just send me a message with your thoughts.

Feedback & Help

Found a bug? Please submit a new issues here on GitHub. Need help? Feel free to DM me @SketchNudged Twitter account, I'll do my best to reply promptly.


© Kevin Woodhouse
Twitter: @Kevin_Woodhouse

Website: Nudged Site
Twitter: @SketchNudged


A Sketch plugin to easily edit your nudge distance settings.








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