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This project contains a barebones example webapp.

This project contains 4 files:

  • pom.xml is a Maven POM file and defines our project.
  • src/main/ is a directory that contains our code.
  • webapp/ is a directory that contains web files.
    • index.html is an HTML file that shows static content.
  • WEB-INF/ is a directory that contains files we don't want users to access, like config files.
    • appengine-web.xml is a config file that sets up our App Engine deployment.
  • java/ is a directory that contains our server-side code.
    • io.happycoding.servlets is a Java package.
      • is a Java servlet that runs server-side code and returns some HTML content.

You can run this locally by executing this command:

mvn appengine:devserver

Learn more at

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