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A Reddit bot that responds to mentions with emojipasta.
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PyPI (not working, currently):

u/AnEmojipastaBot (now suspended from reddit) turns the parent of your comment into emojipasta. It can be summoned by mentioning it.


redditor 1: hello world
  redditor 2: u/AnEmojipastaBot
    AnEmojipastaBot: hello world 🌍

It was built by scraping thousands of comments from r/emojipasta and using them to form mappings from word->emoji. The bot itself, and the scraping tool, are based on the PRAW framework, and the 'emoji' Python package was used to identify emojis in the r/emojipasta comments.

There are no hard-coded credentials or user details in the code, so everyone is free to run their own version of the bot.



pip install emojipastabot

How to use...

The bot

python ./src/emojipasta/ <client_id> <client_secret> <user_agent> <username> <password>

If you don't have credentials or a reddit user, then follow the setup instructions in the PRAW docs.

The scraper

The scraper saves comments to a hard-coded location, you may want to modify it.

python ./src/emojipasta/scraping/ <client_id> <client_secret> <user_agent> <username> <password>

The emojipasta generator

from emojipasta.generator import EmojipastaGenerator
generator = EmojipastaGenerator.of_default_mappings()
generator.generate_emojipasta("it's getting hot in here")


it's getting hot 🔥😍 in 🔽👏 here 💪👏

If you want to create an EmojipastaGenerator with custom emoji mappings (a dict that maps from a lowercase word to a list of emojis):

from emojipasta.generator import EmojipastaGenerator
EmojipastaGenerator.of_custom_mappings({"hello": ["👋", "👈"]})
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