Solution for cryptocurrency inheritance. It helps owners of digital assets to pass their keys to trusted family members or friends in the case of emergency in a secure and user friendly way.
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JavaScript library to encrypt plain text or raw data into a crypto container and decrypt crypto container with randomly generated an encryption key. Encryption and decryption derive by reassembling encryption key which was split into shares by Shamir's Secret Sharing algorithm.

What you can do with it?

The crypto-containers library allows you to encrypt and decrypt any information. We use this library in Key2Lyf production as a secure way to split access and storing any sensitive information.


To use it in the browser, include cryptoContainers.js or cryptoContainers.min.js in your HTML. You can find them in the lib/ folder.

<script src="cryptoContainers.min.js"></script>

To build minified file: npm run build


  • cryptoContainers.generateKey()
  • cryptoContainers.getEncryptionKey()
  • cryptoContainers.encryptContainer()
  • cryptoContainers.decryptContainer()
  • cryptoContainers.encryptionKeyIsValid()
  • cryptoContainers.userShareIsValid()
  • cryptoContainers.hashData()

See all Variables description below.

cryptoContainers.generateKey( salt )

Generate a random encryption key with default length 24 symbols. Salt is an optional argument. If salt wasn't provided random salt value will be generated. The output of cryptoContainers.generateKey() is an Object like this:

{encryptionKeyHash: "6a8e835ed6412428e3bf1347a85d3f37c65777d36fe2ce59f7b082ef85fbe29a", userHashedShare: "0fc46dc212e5b7d6be1741abf8e2503ca4e712a9db3b51cb29b4ce129db6510c", k2lShare: "801bfd2ba3b2b38b56e0211c33a9da6d23ffcf338d18868f8b…97425aa1e8212e0d58ec82ac15c59103614520c0f72b2af2b", userShare: "80260b9ca76f37024dca122ce747b51137e4afb29bf5dd04e7…de8024966198bddee012b54d7b817203328fd18bbe423430a", salt: "e6d2b914"}

Each item in the object is a String.

cryptoContainers.getEncryptionKey( k2lShare, userShare, action )

Reconstructs the encryption key from k2lShare and userShare shares. The output is an encryption key, a String.

cryptoContainers.encryptContainer( rawData, encryptionKey, action )

Returns an encrypted by the encryption key data.

cryptoContainers.decryptContainer(encryptedData, encryptionKey, action)

Uses the encryption key to decrypt encryptedData. Returns rawData.

cryptoContainers.encryptionKeyIsValid( encryptionKeyHash, encryptionKey, salt )

Hashes the encryptionKey and compares gotten hash with encryptionKeyHash. Returns true or false.

cryptoContainers.userShareIsValid( userShare, userHashedShare, salt )

Hashes the userShare and compares gotten hash with userHashedShare. Returns true or false.

cryptoContainers.hashData( data, salt )

Returns hashed data.

Variables description

Each variable used in the library is described below:

  • encryptionKey: The key used for encryption and decryption data. Example, "46c75c8b7e68ea07ef43c1ca".
  • encryptionKeyHash: The hash of the generated encryption key. Example, "40a26f14d7e32968e5a61f530c88b6af1c3db63e0edbd235ff6bf29f33b9795a".
  • k2lShare: The share which goes to the key2lyf server. The length of this string depends on the length of the encryption key. Example, "801bfd2ba3b2b38b56e0211c33a9da6d23ffcf338d18868f8b1597425aa1e8212e0d58ec82ac15c59103614520c0f72b2af2b".
  • userShare: The share which goes to the user. The length of this string depends on the length of the encryption key. Example, "80260b9ca76f37024dca122ce747b51137e4afb29bf5dd04e7f1de8024966198bddee012b54d7b817203328fd18bbe423430a".
  • userHashedShare: The hash of the userShare. Example, "0fc46dc212e5b7d6be1741abf8e2503ca4e712a9db3b51cb29b4ce129db6510c"
  • action: js function, is always optional.
  • rawData: Raw data or plain text for encryption. Example, "Any your sensitive data here. For example, Login: iam.key2lyf, password: dRfi238Pe".
  • encryptedData: Encrypted data String. Example, "U2FsdGVkX1+WrNdyOv9qqd2rB2tR47au5otU/5Y7tjIQJaurIJN/FK5LJr2R0gmZFbLKxfyc7g6zePNAV+M6C35W1H4caZayE9GlLeHbb7nX5tl9k+KIahrsZPTB+aC3sHoj1oicQTr8x63C7OFEYg=="
  • salt: Is random generated 8 symbols length String.


Please send pull requests for bug fixes, code optimization, and ideas for improvement.


Code released under the MIT license.

Copyright 2018 Key2Lyf