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The decluttering deduplicator.

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A bear as a spirit animal is strong and confident, it's a guide to take leadership in your life without fear, provides courage and a stable foundation to face challenges. The bear spirit helps to dedicate time and energy to introspective practices.

Same as the bear spirit, this application provides you with confidence to take leadership in your digital life, find all the mess you've been collecting for a while and gives you a stable foundation to face the challenge of removing duplicated data on your machine.

Once you start removing duplicates, soon you realize how much free space you've gained and looking through the various files from the high-level point of view will slightly poke you to set the order to the files, to categorize them and eventually make your machine a clean space.

Feel free to open a pull request with your improvements for the project, open an issue in case of bug or a feature request and come and talk about the project in the Matrix community


Currently there is a Python module installation available, and some platform-specific releases. Check the assets in the GitHub releases.


The Windows build is made specifically for Windows 10, so it might not work without Universal CRT present on the system. The GNU/Linux build is created on Debian trusty and anything older than that most likely won't work. Use Python installation instead.

The "extension" .linux and .macos is just a workaround for GitHub assets since it does not allow the same name for multiple assets.

Feel free to rename it to bear and put it somewhere on your echo $PATH (echo %PATH% for Windows) or call it in-place. Don't forget to make it executable first if on GNU/Linux or MacOS with chmod +x bear.

Python package


  • Python 3.7+ (3.6 should work too)

You can install a stable version with:

pip install
pip install thebear

For the cutting-edge available changes use master branch:

pip install


There is a list of basic use-cases:

  • remove all duplicates and keep the newest (modified date) files:

    bear --duplicates folder1 folder2 ... --keep-newest
  • remove all duplicates and keep the oldest (modified date) files:

    bear --duplicates folder1 folder2 ... --keep-oldest
  • find all duplicate files within specific folders

    bear --duplicates folder1 folder2 ...
  • hash all files in specific folders

    bear --hash folder1 folder2 ...
  • traverse folders for files

    bear --traverse folder1 folder2 ...
  • hash specific files:

    bear --files file1 file2 ...

There are other, advanced options you can list with bear --help to speed up the lookup, to control the output and more.