🐀 Statistical analysis for rats.
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Statistical analysis for rats.

A common translation of the word "krysa" is "a rat", mostly considered a lower creature, but in fact a really cute and intelligent little rodent.

The idea behind KrySA is to make statistical software available even for the "rats" - people who can't or don't want to buy a commercial tool for statistics for whatever reason. KrySA is a free, open-source tool that anyone can afford!

KrySA is written in Python 3.5 and higher using Kivy framework together with packages. To run it you have to have all of them installed.

You can find more about KrySA, source documentation and screenshots here.


  • KrySA is released under GNU GPL v3.0 License. Please read the LICENSE file.
  • The original logo concept is based on OpenClipArt's CC0 licensed image.

For more info about KrySA's license and licenses of used packages, please visit the documentation.