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Welcome to my small script collection, I hope you'll find it useful. :) Userscripts for google services are updated as soon as I find something missing/wrong and fix it. I don't spend 24/7 using only these things, however, so if there's something wrong and no mention in readme or directly in script, notify me(mail/issue/...).

How to install

You'll need an extension for your browser to use these scripts.

  • Navigate to the script(*.user.js) you want to install in the repository
  • Click on the Raw button! The extension will recognize *.user.js file.
  • Install it!
Other sites

Congratulations, now you can use the script!

If you experienced any problems, please visit Issues section. If a script doesn't work in Opera, read this - eval() is used to access files in this repository such as emoji.js.


 Nighty-night Google Docs

A dark Lightroom/Photoshop CS6-like theme for Google Docs. Almost everything is adjusted to working at night. Say no more to those white eye-burning pages!

Missing stuff

not/bad implemented or missing after Google updates

  • Help (dynamically created iframes)
    • Docs Help
    • Report a problem
 Nighty-night Google Translate

Similar theme as for Google Docs making Google Translate & Google Docs a good combination for writing at night even in foreign language.


CopyPasteBin allows you to simply click on a button and copy whole paste content from a PasteBin snippet.


CopyCode for GitHub allows you to simply click on a button and copy whole code-block to your clipboard. If clipboard fails (Safari, or old browser maybe) the text still remains selected, so you can copy the content manually anyway.


Halloween for GitHub brings back the pumpkin-colored commit calendar featured as Halloween egg in 2016.

 Top Repos (not available on Greasy Fork)

Top Repos for GitHub changes the "Popular repositories" (left) box to show only user's repositories ordered by star count. The script makes finding the real popular repos easier than going through Sources on Repositories tab which shows the user's repos unordered.

No longer maintained due to GitHub's new "Pinned repositories"

The script still works if you have no pinned repos set.


Userscript for Tumblr Dashboard which automatically changes the reblogging option to "Add to queue" and reblogs it immediately.

Basically this little script takes an advantage of the already available behavior of Tumblr keyboard shortcuts i.e. navigating via J and K keys together with R for reblogging. The script works in the background, checks whether the modal window is present (waits if not), changes the reblogging options and then presses the "Queue" button (changed "Reblog" button).

Just use these navigation keys: J (up), K (down), L (heart), R (reblog).

You can toggle the autoreblogging script on/off with the Ctrl + Q keys. It's turned ON by default.

Also, if you deactivated the script and pressed R (reblog), you can always activate it back with Ctrl + Q keys and the script will automatically add the current post you are reblogging to the queue.


Userscript for Geocaching.com that adds a button for a link to log even "Premium Member Only Geocache" via direct access to the log that ordinary people might not be able to find.


  • Images used as icons for scripts in README.md and/or directly as // @icon in *.user.js files are not part of this repository.
  • The icons are not under any of this repository's license, they belong to their original websites and creators.
  • Image files are not directly available in any of the repository's files.
  • Icons are set only with url to favicons.