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Packer Templates

Packer templates that simplify the creation of fully patched, minimally-sized and Ansible ready Vagrant boxes.


To build the boxes you need the following prerequisites.

  • Packer
  • Virtualbox (if you want to build boxes for the virtualbox provider)
  • libvirt + qemu (if you want to build Boxes for the libvirt Provider)

How to build the box

To build the Boxes you need to run packer build, on the corresponding Template (Json Files)like this:

Example for alpine-3.7-x86_64.json

packer build -parallel=false alpine-3.7-x86_64.json

the option -parallel=false is needed because you cannot run the qemu/libvirt and virtualbox provider in parallel.

If you only want to build either the qemu or virtualbox box you need to add the option -only <PROVIDER> to the packer build command like this:

packer build -only=qemu alpine-3.7-x86_64.json


packer build -only=virtualbox-iso alpine-3.7-x86_64.json

Overwriting defaults

If you i.e. want to build boxes with more RAM, without compression or bigger Disk size you can pass a Variable file to the packer build command by giving it the option -var-file=<PATH>.

Example Variable files can be found in ./vars/

packer build -var-file=./vars/development.json

Alternatively you can set a Variable directly on the commandline by passing the -var 'key=value' option.

packer build -var compression_level=6 -var disk_size=10000 alpine-3.7-x86_64.json

Usage in Vagrant

You can either use the prebuilt Boxes over here: KeboardInterrupt's Boxes on Vagrant Cloud, upload them to your own account on Vagrant Cloud or use the boxes you built locally.

vagrant box add ./