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In former Keypirinha versions I was able to call a telephone number directly via Skype for Business and typing a URL like tel:+1234567689

Unfortunately now in Keypirinha 2.9 throws an error

10:44:49.475 ** ERROR: Error from URL.URL.on_execute: <class 'FileNotFoundError'>: file not found: 
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Tools\Keypirinha\portable\Profile\Packages\URL\url.py", line 100, in on_execute
  File "C:\Tools\Keypirinha\python\site\keypirinha_util.py", line 545, in shell_execute
    thing_attr = file_attributes(thing) # may raise FileNotFoundError
  File "C:\Tools\Keypirinha\python\site\keypirinha_util.py", line 232, in file_attributes
    raise FileNotFoundError("file not found: ".format(file))

As the URL package seems not to have changed since quite a while I expect the error to be found in the keypirinha_util.py


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polyvertex Aug 23, 2016


This should be fixed in v2.9.1


polyvertex commented Aug 23, 2016

This should be fixed in v2.9.1

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