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Request signing

In order to gain authentication to act on behalf of a KeySMS user, each request must be signed. Every user can generate an API key in the App itself, and this secret key is in time inputted into your application along with the username. Request signing happens by signing the JSON data string, and a signed request requires three parameters : signature,username and payload. Payload refers to the entire payload you would normally send in the HTTP POST request. The post data must be JSON encoded. The following straight forward PHP code describes the required post data:

$payload = json_encode($payloadArray);
$postFields = array(
    'signature' => md5($payload . $secretKey),
    'username' => $username,
    'payload' => $payload

API methods

Send message (POST /messages)

Supports the following arguments:

  • message required UTF-8 encoded message
  • receivers required Array of receivers
  • sender required Which of the accounts receivers to send from
  • time A timestamp in the future to send at. Defaults to now
  • date A date in the future to send at. Defaults to today

curl -XPOST -d payload='{message:"Hello world", receivers:["99999999"]}' -d signature="your generated sign key" -d username="me"


The following errors may be returned

Get account info (GET /auth/current)

Supports the following arguments:

  • user bool Return information about logged in user
  • account bool Return information about account for logged in user
  • contacts bool Return the full contact list
  • groups bool Return groups
  • aliases bool Return aliases
  • keywords bool Return keywords

curl -XPOST -d user=1 -d account=0 -d groups=1 -d signature="foo" -d username="bar"