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Contributing to keyvi

Kevyi is an opensource project, we love to receive contributions. There are many ways to contribute, bug reports, documentation, tutorials and last but not least code.

We enjoy working with contributors, note we have a Code of Conduct, please follow it in all your interactions.

Fork and clone the repository

You will need to fork the repository and clone it to your local machine. See github help page for help.

Submitting your changes

Once you successfully tested you are ready to submit for review. Note that some parts have to fulfill certain rules (e.g. formating), please have a look and do the changes accordingly. We will not do it for you.

Submit a pull request

Push your local changes to your fork and submit a pull request. In the pull request, choose a title which sums up the changes that you have made, and in the body provide more details about what your changes do. If applicable mention the number of the issue eg "Fixes #1234".

Then sit back and wait. We try our best to answer as soon as we can, please be patient. There will probably be discussion about the pull request and, if any changes are needed, we would love to work with you until your pull request gets merged.

Please be as reviewer friendly as possible:

  • separate your full change into smaller logically commits using proper commit messages
  • e.g. if re-factorings are necessary, a separate re-factoring commit makes life easier
  • do not force push commit overwrites, use new commit instead even if they are as simple as 'address review comments'
  • do not stash as part of the pull request, your commit will be stashed using GitHub at the end

Contributor Agreement

By contributing to the project:

  • You agree to publish your work under the licence of the project: Apache 2.0
  • You represent and warrant that you are the exclusive owner of the Copyright in the Contribution
    • If your contribution contains 3rdparty code you provide details about licence and restriction
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