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Persistence Introduction

The default persistence is implemented as sparse array (sparse table).

Code: sparse_array_persistence

Sparse Array in a nutshell

The underlying data structure consists of 2 simple arrays of the same length(not size), a byte array and a pointer array(e.g. uint32_t)


A lookup starts at a given offset, a lookup succeeds if the numeric value (e.g. ASCII value) is found in the bucket defined by sum of the offset and the numeric value.


This check is required to allow interleaving of state vectors. To save space vectors of states are interleaved:


Even with a brute-force method that interleaves state vectors yields a very good compression rate.

Connecting FSA construction with Sparse Array building

At construction a state is written once all outgoing transitions are known, therefore having the complete state vector. The algorithm tries to find space in the existing sparse array:


Code: sparse_array_building