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codes for the structured sensing matrices using deterministic sequences
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codes for the structured sensing matrices using deterministic sequences. The main function is in "demo_real_Official.m" and "demo_real_official_1.m"

The codes for:

  1. Strucutred convolutional sensing matrix construction using deterministic sequences, including

deterministic sequences with matlab codes: Golay sequence, Golay complementay sequence, Legendre sequence, zadoff-chu sequence, m-sequence, extended polyphase sequence, etc.

  1. Using various reconstruction algorithms, including:

reconstruction algorithms with matlab codes: omp, Samp, CoSaMp, Subspace pursuit, sbhe, RecPF solves, etc.

Please refer to paper:

K. Li, L. Gan and C. Ling, "Convolutional Compressed Sensing Using Deterministic Sequences", IEEE Trans. on Signal Processing, vol.61, no.3, pp.740-752, 2013.

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