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A simple yet featureful pomodoro in the tray/menubar

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Click on the arrows to get more informations about these features

⏱️ Change work time and pause time

Want to work 27 min ? You can.


⏲️ Automagically set the timer till the next hour

Want to work until 8 PM ? You can set the timer automagically for you.
Note: It will revert your settings after the timer.


🚩 Goals

Want to work at least 1 hour a day ? You can create a goal for that.


🔥 Streak

It counts how many times you finished a pomodoro.


📊 Statistics

It gives you insights about your productivity.


🔁 Cycles

If set, it will automatically stop the pomodoro after `x` times.


Want to contribute ?


  • Have Node.js installed (> 8)
  • Have Yarn installed (> 1.4.2)


  1. Clone the repository
$ git clone
  1. Create a new branch (i.e: feat-new-feature)

  2. Install dependencies :

$ cd tempus && yarn
  1. Run the app

In a browser :

$ yarn web

In Electron :

$ yarn electron


To build the app (without Electron) you will need to run :

The /build directory is in packages/app/build

$ yarn build:app

To build the app with Electron you will need to run :

The /build directory is in packages/electron/dist

$ yarn build:electron


Run tests for the application only :

$ yarn test:app

Run tests for the Electron app :

$ yarn test:electron

See Test Cases (need to implement)

Project tree

|-- packages
    |-- app		The React app
    |   |-- build	The build of the React app
    |   |-- public	.html and assets go here
    |   |-- src		React components and assets for the components
    |-- core		Modules being shared between the browser and Node
    |-- electron
        |-- assets	Assets like tray icons
        |-- dist	The build of the electron app
        |-- tests	Tests
        |-- utils	Utility functions

Built With

  • Electron - framework for creating native applications with web technologies
  • React - A JavaScript library for building user interfaces


Thank you ❤️


This project is licensed under the MIT License.