Configuration and setup for each of our ec2 machines, and other aws content that we have.
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Latest commit f3c2f14 Jul 12, 2016 @csilvers csilvers Install the most recent version of bq on toby.
We used to install bq from pip, which installs a pretty old version.
We need a newer version that supports `bq cancel`, so we need to
install it via gcloud, which means installing gcloud on toby.

I wanted to share code from the jenkins install of gcloud, but this
was difficult due to special cases on the jenkins machine due to the
different number of users who are using gcloud.  If we ever need
gcloud on a third machine, it may make sense to try to extract out
common functionality somehow.

Test Plan:
I ran `install_gcloud` manually on toby.  Then I ran it again to see
it was a noop.  I then ran `bq ls` without error, and `bq cancel` said
'needs a jobid` rather than `cancel is not a command`.

Reviewers: sean, benkraft

Reviewed By: benkraft

Differential Revision:


Config files for Amazon Web Services go here.

For instance, all the files used to set up and populate the different
classes of ec2 machines that we have.

There is also the 'aws-tools' directory, which has scripts and
programs that manage AWS, and may be useful for all of our machines.