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Configuration and setup for each of our ec2 machines, and other aws content that we have.
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Latest commit 1d0c1c1 @csilvers csilvers Rewrote this script to automatically do all the ec2 stuff.
ec2-api-tools is pretty awesome!

Add some more documentation.

Test Plan:
I ran this script manually and watched it run.  It seemed to do all
the right things!

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Reviewers: chris, benkraft

Reviewed By: benkraft

Subscribers: benkraft

Differential Revision:
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caching-proxy Update SSL cert for caching-proxy
cloudsearch Change Serbian to use 'bg' for it's AnalysisSchemeLanguage and update…
domain-redirect Don't put the nginx version in headers from domain-redirect
internal-services Remove hipchat arg from error-monitor-db cronjob
jenkins Rewrote this script to automatically do all the ec2 stuff.
production-rpc Update production document update endpoint.
sandcastle Quiet the cron.daily mail.
shared Update PhantomJS to 2.1.1
toby Update the toby config to install phantomjs on toby.
youtube-export Automatically install files from shared/etc.
.arcconfig Quiet the cron.daily mail.
.arclint Fix the regexp for arc lint to correctly only match a single line.
.gitignore Added Vagrantfile for search-rpc server.


Config files for Amazon Web Services go here.

For instance, all the files used to set up and populate the different
classes of ec2 machines that we have.

There is also the 'aws-tools' directory, which has scripts and
programs that manage AWS, and may be useful for all of our machines.
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