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Configuration and setup for each of our ec2 machines, and other aws content that we have.
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Add a date added field to the search indices.

Add a date field for when the content was added, which can be sorted
by and is returned.

Test Plan:
 - Run `./ khan-academy-dev-emily domain-info.yaml`
 - See that the index is created

Reviewers: shannon, phillip, johnsullivan

Reviewed By: johnsullivan

Differential Revision:
latest commit 2975ef3670
@xymostech xymostech authored


Config files for Amazon Web Services go here.

For instance, all the files used to set up and populate the different
classes of ec2 machines that we have.

There is also the 'aws-tools' directory, which has scripts and
programs that manage AWS, and may be useful for all of our machines.
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