Configuration and setup for each of our ec2 machines, and other aws content that we have.
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Latest commit dbb5185 Aug 27, 2016 @benjaminjkraft benjaminjkraft Turn on zero-rating redirection for everyone
Previously, this redirect was gated behind a URL param.  Now it will happen for

Test plan:
The plan to test that the config is right is just to deploy it and cross my
fingers.  But while I'm at it, here's the plan to deploy this.

I'm going to deploy this commit, keeping an eye on `` stats.  This
will start directing users who do not yet have the redirect cached and are on
TelCel to the zero-rated site.  I'll leave it on for an hour or so -- until
there's a decent bit of traffic, then revert it so we can let that traffic use
the site for a while and keep an eye on things.  Then after we're happy I'll
un-revert it for good.  The reason to do all of this is because we issue 301s,
and therefore reverting this won't actually bring everyone back to the
non-zero-rated site.  (If for some reason things go horribly wrong and we need
to, we can probably do that redirect from Fastly, but this should limit the
chances that that happens.)

Auditors: sean, csilvers
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Config files for Amazon Web Services go here.

For instance, all the files used to set up and populate the different
classes of ec2 machines that we have.

There is also the 'aws-tools' directory, which has scripts and
programs that manage AWS, and may be useful for all of our machines.