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# TODO(colin): fix these lint errors (
# pep8-disable:E128,E271,E302,E501,E713
"""RPC profiler that uses appstats to track, time, and log all RPC events.
This is just a simple wrapper for appstats with result formatting. See for more.
import logging
from pprint import pformat
from google.appengine.ext.appstats import recording
import cleanup
import unformatter
import util
class Profile(object):
"""Profiler that wraps appstats for programmatic access and reporting."""
def __init__(self):
# Configure AppStats output, keeping a high level of request
# content so we can detect dupe RPCs more accurately
recording.config.MAX_REPR = 750
# Each request has its own internal appstats recorder
self.recorder = None
def results(self):
"""Return appstats results in a dictionary for template context."""
if not self.recorder:
# If appstats fails to initialize for any reason, return an empty
# set of results.
logging.warn("Missing recorder for appstats profiler.")
return {
"calls": [],
"total_time": 0,
total_call_count = 0
total_time = 0
calls = []
service_totals_dict = {}
likely_dupes = False
end_offset_last = 0
requests_set = set()
appstats_key = long(self.recorder.start_timestamp * 1000)
for trace in self.recorder.traces:
total_call_count += 1
total_time += trace.duration_milliseconds()
# Don't accumulate total RPC time for traces that overlap asynchronously
if trace.start_offset_milliseconds() < end_offset_last:
total_time -= (end_offset_last - trace.start_offset_milliseconds())
end_offset_last = trace.start_offset_milliseconds() + trace.duration_milliseconds()
service_prefix = trace.service_call_name()
if "." in service_prefix:
service_prefix = service_prefix[:service_prefix.find(".")]
if service_prefix not in service_totals_dict:
service_totals_dict[service_prefix] = {
"total_call_count": 0,
"total_time": 0,
"total_misses": 0,
service_totals_dict[service_prefix]["total_call_count"] += 1
service_totals_dict[service_prefix]["total_time"] += trace.duration_milliseconds()
stack_frames_desc = []
for frame in trace.call_stack_list():
stack_frames_desc.append("%s:%s %s" %
request = trace.request_data_summary()
response = trace.response_data_summary()
# GetSystemStatsRequest is time-dependent, so repeated calls are
# likely intentional for profiling purposes. In particular, the
# memory sampling profiler generates a lot of these RPCs in prod.
likely_dupe = (request in requests_set
and not 'GetSystemStatsRequest' in request)
likely_dupes = likely_dupes or likely_dupe
request_short = request_pretty = None
response_short = response_pretty = None
miss = 0
request_object = unformatter.unformat(request)
response_object = unformatter.unformat(response)
request_short, response_short, miss = cleanup.cleanup(request_object, response_object)
request_pretty = pformat(request_object)
response_pretty = pformat(response_object)
except Exception, e:
# enable this if you want to improve prettification
# logging.warning("Prettifying RPC calls failed.\n%s\nRequest: %s\nResponse: %s",
# e, request, response, exc_info=True)
service_totals_dict[service_prefix]["total_misses"] += miss
"service": trace.service_call_name(),
"start_offset": util.milliseconds_fmt(trace.start_offset_milliseconds()),
"total_time": util.milliseconds_fmt(trace.duration_milliseconds()),
"request": request_pretty or request,
"response": response_pretty or response,
"request_short": request_short or cleanup.truncate(request),
"response_short": response_short or cleanup.truncate(response),
"stack_frames_desc": stack_frames_desc,
"likely_dupe": likely_dupe,
service_totals = []
for service_prefix in service_totals_dict:
"service_prefix": service_prefix,
"total_call_count": service_totals_dict[service_prefix]["total_call_count"],
"total_misses": service_totals_dict[service_prefix]["total_misses"],
"total_time": util.milliseconds_fmt(service_totals_dict[service_prefix]["total_time"]),
service_totals = sorted(service_totals, reverse=True, key=lambda service_total: float(service_total["total_time"]))
return {
"total_call_count": total_call_count,
"total_time": util.milliseconds_fmt(total_time),
"calls": calls,
"service_totals": service_totals,
"likely_dupes": likely_dupes,
"appstats_key": appstats_key,
def wrap(self, app):
"""Wrap and return a WSGI application with appstats recording enabled.
app: existing WSGI application to be wrapped
new WSGI application that will run the original app with appstats
def wrapped_appstats_app(environ, start_response):
# Use this wrapper to grab the app stats recorder for
if recording.recorder_proxy.has_recorder_for_current_request():
self.recorder = recording.recorder_proxy.get_for_current_request()
return app(environ, start_response)
return recording.appstats_wsgi_middleware(wrapped_appstats_app)