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"""CPU profiler that works by collecting line-by-line stats.
This works by storing a list of functions to profile, then telling
the third party line_profiler module to profile those functions.
import collections
import inspect
import linecache
import os
import re
import sys
import util
# We can't use LineProfiler in production because it requires a C-extension,
# but we can monkey-patch it in here for use on the dev server:
if util.dev_server:
if os.environ.get("SERVER_SOFTWARE") == "Development/2.0":
from import sandbox
for meta in sys.meta_path:
if isinstance(meta, sandbox.PathRestrictingImportHook):
# module name looks something like
# 'gae_mini_profiler._line_profiler'
assert False, "Can't find PathRestrictingImportHook in meta_path"
from import dev_appserver
if isinstance(sys.meta_path[0], dev_appserver.HardenedModulesHook):
sys.meta_path[0]._white_list_c_modules += ['_line_profiler']
import line_profiler
assert line_profiler # silence pyflakes
except ImportError:
line_profiler = None
line_profiler = None
_FUNCTION_MARKER = "__gae_linebyline_profile"
_functions_to_profile = []
def line_profile(f):
"""The passed function will be included in the line profile displayed by
the line profiler panel.
# TODO(jlfwong): See if this is needed.
f.__dict__[_FUNCTION_MARKER] = True
if f not in _functions_to_profile:
return f
def _process_line_stats(line_stats):
"""Convert line_profiler.LineStats instance into a dict.
The returned dict has the following format:
"filename": the filename of the function being profiled
"start_lineno": the first line number of the function
"func_name": the name of the function
"total_time_ms": total time spent inside the function in ms
"total_time_ms_s": formatted string version of above
"timings": [{
'lineno': line number being profiled
'line': string source line being profiled
'perc_time': percent of total time spent on this line
'perc_time_s': formatted string version of above
'time_ms': total time spent on this line
'time_ms_s': formatted string version of above
'numhits': the number of times this line was run
}, ...]
}, ...]
profile_results = []
if not line_stats:
return profile_results
# We want timings in ms (instead of CPython's microseconds)
multiplier = line_stats.unit / 1e-3
for key, timings in sorted(line_stats.timings.items()):
if not timings:
filename, start_lineno, func_name = key
all_lines = linecache.getlines(filename)
sublines = inspect.getblock(all_lines[start_lineno - 1:])
end_lineno = start_lineno + len(sublines)
line_to_timing = collections.defaultdict(lambda: (-1, 0))
for (lineno, nhits, time) in timings:
line_to_timing[lineno] = (nhits, time)
padded_timings = []
for lineno in range(start_lineno, end_lineno):
nhits, time = line_to_timing[lineno]
padded_timings.append((lineno, nhits, time))
timings = []
result = {
'filename': filename,
'start_lineno': start_lineno,
'func_name': func_name,
'total_time_ms': (sum([time for _, _, time in padded_timings]) *
'timings': []
result['total_time_ms_s'] = '%.0f' % result['total_time_ms']
for (lineno, nhits, time) in padded_timings:
time_ms = time * multiplier
perc_time = (100.0 * time_ms) / result['total_time_ms']
'lineno': lineno,
'line': all_lines[lineno - 1],
'perc_time': perc_time,
'perc_time_s': '%.1f' % perc_time,
'time_ms': time_ms,
'time_ms_s': "%.2f" % time_ms,
'numhits': nhits
return profile_results
class Profile(object):
"""Profiler wrapping line_profiler."""
def __init__(self):
self.num_functions_marked = len(_functions_to_profile)
if line_profiler is None:
self.line_prof = None
self.line_prof = line_profiler.LineProfiler()
for f in _functions_to_profile:
def results(self):
err_msg = ""
if not util.dev_server:
err_msg = "The line-by-line profiler can only be used in dev."
elif line_profiler is None:
err_msg = (
"Could not load the line_profiler module.<br><br>"
"Try installing the C extension like so:<br>"
"&nbsp;&nbsp;sudo pip install line_profiler==1.0b3<br>"
"&nbsp;&nbsp;(cd / && cp `python -c 'import _line_profiler; print _line_profiler.__file__'` %s)" % os.path.dirname(__file__)
res = {
"err_msg": err_msg,
"num_functions_marked": self.num_functions_marked,
"calls": []
if self.line_prof and self.num_functions_marked:
res["calls"] = _process_line_stats(self.line_prof.get_stats())
return res
def run(self, fxn):
if self.line_prof is None:
return fxn()
return self.line_prof.runcall(fxn)