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# TODO(colin): fix these lint errors (
# pep8-disable:E302
import os
# Assume if SERVER_SOFTWARE is not present in the environment at import time
# that we are in some kind of testing or development environment.
dev_server = os.environ.get("SERVER_SOFTWARE", "Devel").startswith("Devel")
def seconds_fmt(f, n=0):
return milliseconds_fmt(f * 1000, n)
def milliseconds_fmt(f, n=0):
return decimal_fmt(f, n)
def decimal_fmt(f, n=0):
format = "%." + str(n) + "f"
return format % f
def short_method_fmt(s):
return s[s.rfind("/") + 1:]
def short_rpc_file_fmt(s):
if not s:
return ""
return s[s.find("/"):]