Extract records from a Google Doc spreadsheet and bulk set the results on Gittip.
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Extract records from a Google Doc spreadsheet and bulk set the results on Gittip.

This script was made to make it easy for devs at Khan Academy to give an aggregate donation via the Khan Academy Gittip account. More information at: http://ejohn.org/blog/gittip-at-khan-academy/

Setting up the Spreadsheet

In order to use this you'll need to clone the following Google Doc and configure it to work with your own use case.


You'll also need to make sure that the spreadsheet is set to be automatically published to the web. This can be enabled by going to "File > Publish to the web...".


Once you've done this you'll need to copy sample.config.json to config.json and then complete the properties, specifically:

The Google Doc spreadsheet key (gdoc_key). For example given the above form the key would be: 0ApubWHv0aMirdEMyYzBFU1ljTzU2TzMwMS1fT2czRGc.

Your Gittip API Key (gittip_api_key). This can be found by going to your profile page.

You max per-user contribution (gittip_max_per_user). This is the maximum amount (in dollars) that a user can contribute.


Finally you'll need to make sure that you have Node installed. You'll then need to run the following inside this directory to initialize the script's dependencies:

npm install

Finally, to run the script you'll run:

node pay.js