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1 parent a1f6fe5 commit b8981c4d57d82a12b8055b30db857a3af361d2cd @chrisklaiber chrisklaiber committed Apr 2, 2012
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  1. +16 −5 jenkins.install
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ Allow users to sign up: <checked>
Username: jenkins-admin
Password: ***
Full name: Jenkins Admin
-E-mail address:
+E-mail address:
-- Restrict to admin user, make anonymous read-only
@@ -53,8 +53,19 @@ $ sudo service jenkins restart
E-mail Notification
SMTP server: <empty>
-Default user e-mail suffix:
-System Admin E-mail Address:
+Default user e-mail suffix: <empty>
+System Admin E-mail Address: "Build Bot" <>
+Extended E-mail Notification
+Default Content Type: Plain Text (text/plain)
+Default Subject: $PROJECT_NAME - Build # $BUILD_NUMBER - $BUILD_STATUS!
+Default Content: $PROJECT_NAME - Build # $BUILD_NUMBER - $BUILD_STATUS:
+ Check console output at $BUILD_URL to view the results.
+ Partial log output:
+ ${BUILD_LOG, maxLines=100}
Global HipChat Notifier Settings
API Token: (See for the HipChat token)
@@ -126,12 +137,12 @@ Test report XMLs: website/test-reports/*.xml
Retain long standard output/error: <unchecked>
Editable Email Notification: <checked>
-Project Recipient List: devteam
+Project Recipient List: <empty>
Content Type: Default Content Type
Default Subject: $DEFAULT_SUBJECT
Default Content: $DEFAULT_CONTENT
Triggers: Failure, Still Failing, Success
-Send To: <check recipient list, committers, requester, culprits>
+Send To: <committers, requester, culprits>
HipChat Notifications: <checked>

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