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Documentation for (and examples of) using the Khan Academy API
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Address bug reports in the new API client.

1. Change response.json() to response.text so there's no crash on timeout.
2. Remove "format=json" parameter since it fails with csilvers' new arg validation.


Test Plan:
Ensure completes the authentication process successfully.
Ensure subsequent API calls are successful.

Reviewers: alan

Reviewed By: alan

Subscribers: csilvers

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Khan Academy API Documentation and Examples



All example code is MIT licensed.

  1. python
  2. Enter your consumer key and secret
  3. Enter the Khan Academy url you want to test against (unless you're running a local version, this'll be
  4. A browser will pop up for you to walk through the authentication flow. When done, it will redirect you to a page that says "Ok" and in the URL there will be two parameter values you need: oauth_token and oauth_token_secret.
  5. Go back to the command line and enter your new token and secret.
  6. You'll now have a loop that lets you run Khan Academy API queries, authenticated as the user you logged in as.
  7. Examples:

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