Dotfiles for Khan Academy website developers.
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Configuration files, and setup scripts, for Khan Academy website developers. A lot of what's here is Khan Academy-specific:

  • Vim filetype plugins conforming to Khan Academy's style guide
  • tell ack to skip crap that the deploy script litters (eg. combined/compressed CSS/JS files)
  • a pre-commit linter

and the rest of it just contains generally useful things, such as

  • handy git aliases such as git graph

This is meant to complement the dev setup on the Khan Academy Forge. The setup scripts here assume you have done the initial setup on that Forge page (installing npm, etc) before running commands here.


Clone this repo somewhere (I recommend into a ~/khan/devtools directory, but it doesn't really matter), and then run make in the cloned directory:

mkdir -p ~/khan/devtools
cd ~/khan/devtools
git clone git://
cd khan-dotfiles

This will install your system: installing executables, python libraries, dotfiles, etc. It will not overwrite any of your existing dotfiles but will emit a warning if it sees something it doesn't understand.

This script is idempotent, so it should be safe to run it multiple times.

You may wish to install autojump if you're a frequent user of the terminal to navigate the filesystem.


Originally extracted from David's dotfiles, with commits and lines here and there stolen from Jamie, Desmond, and others. Non-dotfile config files, and the setup script, written by Craig Silverstein.

Pull requests are welcome!