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A (deprecated) framework for building exercises to work with Khan Academy.
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csilvers Update deps in exercise-packages to resolve security complaints.
I also took the opportunity to update the `license` field to the
modern format.  (The versino of the CC license came from the README.)

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I ran `make serve` and visited http://localhost:8000/test with a bunch
of 200's.

I also ran `make pack` with success.

Since this repo is no longer used I don't know that ay other testing
makes sense.
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Khan Academy Exercises

Khan Academy has created a generic framework for building exercises. This framework, together with the exercises themselves, can be used completely independently of the Khan Academy application.

This repo consists of two parts:

  • Various HTML files that describe exercises.
  • A jQuery plugin for generating a usable, interactive, exercise from any of the HTML files.

Current Status

Khan Exercises is no longer used for development of new exercises at Khan Academy. We're always looking to improve the exercises that are currently built with Khan Exercises, but at this time we don't intend to add any new exercises. New exercises on Khan Academy are written by many content experts using Perseus and stored in our datastore as individual questions.

The bulk of our bug reports now go into Zen Desk where volunteers surface issues to KA developers, but we still process issues and PRs that come in through this repository. The goal is to keep high-quality bug reports and feature requests in this repository so awesome OSS developers who want to help KA have the tools do so.

If you're looking to contribute time, looking through our wiki is a good place to start. Questions should go into the issue tracker (we may set up gitter if there ends up being a high volume of questions).


Copyright (c) 2015 Khan Academy

The exercise framework is MIT licensed.

The exercises are under a Creative Commons by-nc-sa license.

Using the Framework Locally

You need to serve the files from some sort of a server. You can't just open the files directly in a browser. For example:

cd khan-exercises
python -m SimpleHTTPServer # or python3 -m http.server

Now if you open your browser to http://localhost:8000 (or you should see the contents of the khan-exercises directory. Navigate to the exercises subfolder, and an HTML file under there to see an exercise.


If you're passionate about providing a free world-class education for anyone, anywhere and want to apply to be a full-time or intern software developer at Khan Academy, please do so.

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