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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html data-require="math graphie math-format interactive">
<meta charset="UTF-8" />
<title>The complex plane</title>
<script src="../khan-exercise.js"></script>
<div class="exercise">
<div class="vars">
<var id="LOWER_BOUND">-5</var>
<var id="UPPER_BOUND">5</var>
<var id="REAL">randRange( LOWER_BOUND, UPPER_BOUND )</var>
<var id="IMAG" data-ensure="IMAG != 0">randRange( LOWER_BOUND, UPPER_BOUND )</var>
<var id="REP">complexNumber( REAL, IMAG )</var>
<div class="problems">
<p class="question">Move the orange dot to <code><var>REP</var></code>.</p>
<div class="graphie" id="gauss-plane">
range: [ [ LOWER_BOUND - 1, UPPER_BOUND + 1], [ LOWER_BOUND - 1, UPPER_BOUND + 1 ] ],
tickStep: 1,
labelStep: 1,
scale: 30
label( [6, 0.5], "Re", "left");
label( [0.5, 5], "Im", "right");
this.movablePoint = addMovablePoint({ constraints: {}, snapX: 0.5, snapY: 0.5 });
movablePoint.onMove = function(x, y) {
if ( x &lt; LOWER_BOUND || x > UPPER_BOUND || y &lt; LOWER_BOUND || y > UPPER_BOUND ) {
return false;
jQuery( "#real-part input" ).val( x );
jQuery( "#imaginary-part input" ).val( y );
<div class="solution" data-type="multiple">
<span class="sol" id="real-part" style="display: none"><var>REAL</var></span>
<span class="sol" id="imaginary-part" style="display: none"><var>IMAG</var></span>
<div class="hints">
Complex numbers can be visualized as points on a plane. The coordinates on the
real and imaginary axes correspond to the real and imaginary parts of the complex number.
<code><var>REP</var></code> has real part <code><var>REAL</var></code> and imaginary part <code><var>IMAG</var></code>.
<div class="graphie" data-update="gauss-plane">
style({ stroke: KhanUtil.ORANGE, strokeWidth: 2.0 });
line( [ REAL, LOWER_BOUND - 1 ], [ REAL, UPPER_BOUND + 1 ] );
<p>The vertical <strong class="hint_orange">orange</strong> line represents all complex numbers with real part <code><var>REAL</var></code> (including <code><var>REP</var></code>).
<div class="graphie" data-update="gauss-plane">
style({ stroke: KhanUtil.BLUE, strokeWidth: 2.0 });
line( [ LOWER_BOUND - 1, IMAG ], [ UPPER_BOUND + 1, IMAG ] );
<p>The horizontal <strong class="hint_blue">blue</strong> line represents all complex numbers with imaginary part <code><var>IMAG</var></code>, also including <code><var>REP</var></code>.
<div class="graphie" data-update="gauss-plane">
movablePoint.moveTo( REAL, IMAG );
The only complex number with real part <code><var>REAL</var></code> and imaginary part <code><var>IMAG</var></code> is <code><var>REP</var></code>,
so it lies on the intersection of the vertical <strong class="hint_orange">orange</strong> line and the horizontal <strong class="hint_blue">blue</strong> line.
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