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Fix #35037

Test plan: Locally test the problem in the issue and the next problem (where
the parabola opens up)

Auditors: stephanie
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commit 103deac3aa4cbd61d81a4a30a2f342c98db613db 1 parent fec441b
@beneater beneater authored
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3  exercises/parabola_intuition_3.html
@@ -151,8 +151,7 @@
in what direction the parabola opens. It's always the reciprocal of 2 times the distance from the directrix to the focus.
- <code data-if="A >= 0">a = \dfrac{1}{2 \times (<var>PRETTY_FOCUS_Y</var> {-} <var>PRETTY_DIR_Y</var>)} = <var>PRETTY_A</var></code>
- <code data-else>a = \dfrac{1}{2 \times (<var>PRETTY_DIR_Y</var> {-} <var>PRETTY_FOCUS_Y</var>)} = <var>PRETTY_A</var></code>
+ <code>a = \dfrac{1}{2 \times (<var>PRETTY_FOCUS_Y</var> {-} <var>PRETTY_DIR_Y</var>)} = <var>PRETTY_A</var></code>
So the equation of the parabola is <code>y - <var>PRETTY_Y1</var> = <var>PRETTY_A</var>(x - <var>PRETTY_X1</var>)^2</code>.
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