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sophiebits committed May 26, 2012
1 parent 7d43e3c commit 1c6b47998c9c48ef0af509bef0423e3f0e2a655d
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@@ -63,6 +63,7 @@
"contrapositive" : "If I did not eat apple pie, then we did not have dessert tonight.",
"other1" : "If we do not have dessert tonight, I will be upset.",
"other2" : "I do not like apple pie, so I will not eat dessert tonight." }
+ </var>
<var id="HYPOTHESIS">"we have dessert tonight"</var>
<var id="NEG_HYPOTHESIS">"we do not have dessert tonight"</var>
<var id="CONCLUSION">"I will eat apple pie"</var>
@@ -80,6 +81,7 @@
"contrapositive" : "All pairs of angles that are not congruent are not vertical angles.",
"other1" : "Vertical angles are always congruent.",
"other2" : "Congruent angles can be vertical angles but they don't have to be." }
+ </var>
<var id="HYPOTHESIS">"a pair of angles are vertical angles"</var>
<var id="NEG_HYPOTHESIS">"a pair of angles are not vertical angles"</var>
<var id="CONCLUSION">"the two angles are congruent"</var>
@@ -97,6 +99,7 @@
"contrapositive" : "If an animal does not eat peanuts, then it is not an elephant.",
"other1" : "Elephants also eat hay.",
"other2" : "Animals that eat peanuts may also like peanut butter." }
+ </var>
<var id="HYPOTHESIS">"an animal is an elephant"</var>
<var id="NEG_HYPOTHESIS">"an animal is not an elephant"</var>
<var id="CONCLUSION">"the animal eats peanuts"</var>

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