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@@ -47,10 +47,10 @@
<span class="sol" data-type="list" data-choices="[ '', '&lt;', '&gt;', '&le;', '&ge;' ]">
- <span class="sol" data-simplify="optional"><var>SOLUTION_REAL</var></span>
+ <span class="sol"><var>SOLUTION_REAL</var></span>
<span class="example">an integer, like <code>6</code></span>
- <span class="example">a <em>proper</em> fraction, like <code>1/2</code> or <code>6/10</code></span>
- <span class="example">an <em>improper</em> fraction, like <code>10/7</code> or <code>14/8</code></span>
+ <span class="example">a <em>simplified proper</em> fraction, like <code>3/5</code></span>
+ <span class="example">an <em>simplified improper</em> fraction, like <code>7/4</code></span>
<span class="example">a mixed number, like <code>1\ 3/4</code></span>
<span class="example">an <em>exact</em> decimal, like <code>0.75</code></span>

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