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Remove confusing "times older than" wording

Closes #43492.

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1 parent 1772880 commit 587ddea16b4716ccd723b7e0c2217b079bc460e8 @sophiebits sophiebits committed Mar 19, 2013
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<p class="spin">
{<var>person(1)</var> is <var>A</var> years older than <var>person(2)</var>|<var>person(2)</var> is <var>A</var> years younger than <var>person(1)</var>}.
{For the last {four|3|two} years, <var>person(1)</var> and <var>person(2)</var> have been going to the same school.|<var>person(1)</var> and <var>person(2)</var> first met 3 years ago.|}
- <var>Cardinal(B)</var> years ago, <var>person(1)</var> was <var>C</var> times {as old as|older than} <var>person(2)</var>.</p>
+ <var>Cardinal(B)</var> years ago, <var>person(1)</var> was <var>C</var> times as old as <var>person(2)</var>.</p>
<p>How old is <var>person(1)</var> now?</p>

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