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These are actually coplanar...

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1 exercises/points_lines_and_planes.html
@@ -255,7 +255,6 @@
[[B, C, A, E], "Yes", []],
[[E, C, D, A], "No", [E, C, A]],
[[B, E, D, C], "No", [B, E, C]],
- [[C, A, D, B], "No", [C, A, B]],
[[C, B, D, E], "No", [C, B, E]],
[[C, D, A], "Yes", []],
[[E, D, A], "Yes", []]

2 comments on commit 5a85729

Khan Academy member

@beneater review? Probably this should actually come back but the hints right now aren't set up to make this arrangement of points work.

Khan Academy member

lgtm for now

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