Combining like terms with distribution - Problem with answer for -2+2(-4p+1) #30276

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I got the answer -8p or -8p+0 and i put it in the box but it tells me to try again i've even used the hints to see the answer and put that in the box but it won't work so i'm stuck on that problem


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@beneater beneater added a commit that closed this issue Sep 18, 2012
@beneater beneater Handle case in combining_like_terms_2 where constant terms simplify to 0
fix #26874; fix #29882; fix #29943; fix #29949; fix #29964; fix #29969;
fix #30088; fix #30091; fix #30108; fix #30118; fix #30138; fix #30177;
fix #30205; fix #30257; fix #30258; fix #30276; fix #30279; fix #30280

Previously, the last hint would show something like "-24a + 0" and the regex
answer would expect you to type "-24a0". This fixes the final hint to show just
"-24a" and the answer regex expects "-24a"

Test Plan:
Tested these problematic seeds outside devappserver (before and after the fix):

Reviewers: stephanie

Reviewed By: stephanie

Differential Revision:
@beneater beneater closed this in 8183d56 Sep 18, 2012
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