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Solving quadratics by factoring - The last hint, should probably be removed. #33076

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KhanBugz karlanderson Ben Eater

This exercise (Solving quadratics by factoring) only expects one answer, so the next to last hint gives the correct answer:
"Thus, x = 1 is the solution."

The last hint gives two answers so it is probably meant for the next exercise (Solving quadratics by factoring 2)
"Thus, x = 1 and x = -4 are the solutions."


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karlanderson karlanderson referenced this issue from a commit in karlanderson/khan-exercises
karlanderson karlanderson Wrong extra hint on end of solving quads by fact.
Fixes Open #33388 #33076 #33077 Closed #31645 #29435 #30472 #30400
Solving quadratics by factoring (& 2) added and extra hint for the
one-root problem.  Both used appendContents but recently multiple
problem had one more hint than one-root problem added.  Kept the new
text, but merged the new hint with old.
Ben Eater beneater closed this issue from a commit
Ben Eater beneater Fix #33076 remove extraneous hint
Summary: There's no reason for one-root to inherit from original

Test Plan: Tested locally

Reviewers: stephanie

Reviewed By: stephanie

Differential Revision:

Ben, my Simplifying Square Roots of Negative Numbers and other minor fixes got accidentally pulled in with this fix by me (new to Git). Perhaps you have included it on purpose.
Also, Solving Quadratics by Factoring 2 needs the same fix too. #33388

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